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New Student Checkout Procedure

Due to the number of disruptions caused in our classrooms, the latest you may check students out will be 2:40 pm (unless there is an emergency). This means that students may be checked out for necessary appointments during the day up until 2:40pm. After that time, students (and parents) will need to wait until the final bell to become car riders.

Do You Know What Your Half Cent Did?


Wear Your ID Badge

All middle school students now have an ID badge that must be worn everyday


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Leader in Me Great Happens Here



Spotlight on Leader of The Month

Elementry:Priseis Williams

Ms. Mcfall says " Priseis demonstrates Habit #4 think win-win. She makes sure classroom materials (books, scarves, papers, etc.) are put away correctly and organized to perfection! Her helpfulness kees the music room running smoothly.
We appreciate you Priseis"

Middle School: Kayla Washington

Ms. Miletech said "I've seen you consistently modeling Habit #1 (Be Proactive). You have a posistive attitude and mood and a great "can do "energy."

See what your student is learning about being a leader. The new 7 Habits page is HERE!

DSA is a spacerLeader in Me school and Mrs.Wilmoth's mini majors prove it! View their video here!


Teacher of The Year

This year's teacher of the year is Ms. Gotshall and employee of the year is Mr. Diego; congratulations to both of you. Ms. Gotshall has been at DSA for 13 years and she said her favorite part is when she gets to see that light bulb go off in a child's head. She also added that she feels blessed to be a part of such a great school surrounded by great teachers, administrators, and students. Mr. Diego has been at DSA for 1 year and he said his favorite part of his job is when he gets to pressure wash. He said his favorite thing about DSA was everything.

Ms. Gotshall with her studentsMr. Diego

Did You Know We Have a Little Library?

The little library is located in the garden. Give a book, get a book! More info.

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